I have reproduced, or paraphrased, below, items from the 2nd edition onward which may be of interest when viewed from today's perspective. The first edition can be viewed in full here.

In reading through these editions of the Shanganagh Valley News, I was struck by a number of things.

The Editor would have benefitted from a spell checker (though automatic checkers can give rise to their own problems). The Editor was less wise at that time than he now remembers having been. Resonances of the "Skibereen Eagle" permeate the material; as if the world cared what the Shanganagh Valley News thought of it!

The central position of the Roman Catholic church in all aspects of social life comes through very strongly, as does the deference to all authority figures. There is also a serious gender bias, reflected particularly in the competition in the first edition.

Vol. 1 No. 1, 19 June 1958, price 1d.

A full replica of the first edition is available in pdf

Vol. 1 No. 2, 19 July 1958, price 2d.

The paper had acquired two sub-editors, by the second edition: Billy Thompson and Brendan Gilsenan.

from the Items of Interest:
"We believe that a telephone kiosk will be installed in Ballybrack in the near future due to requests by residents"

"OWENS' tea bags always give you a good cup of tea. Clean, Economic, Hygienic"

Vol. 1 No. 3, 7th August 1958, Saor.

The paper seems to have lost its two sub-editors whose names disappeared from the masthead.

from the Editorial:
"Any person wishing to write articles or features should contact the Editor.

We also wish to contact a reporter in Loughlinstown and anybody interested should apply to the Editor.

If you like this paper, tell your friends about it. Copies will be on sale at C.N.C., Ballybrack, and may be had from Johnny O'Connor, Shankill. Incidentally, we would like to welcome Johnny to our staff.

Profit from the last issue amounted to 2:15:0d., which was handed over to Fr. Hughes"
from Obituary:
"We regret to announce the death of Mrs. Murphy, wife of Major-General W.R.E Murphy, who for many years, lived at Victoria Lodge, Ballybrack, and who was very popular in the district."
In the annual sports, T. Ferris won the 220 yards boys under 15 and the musical chairs on bicycles, while his sister B. Ferris won the 100 yards girls under 15.

Letters to the Editor: There were a number of letters to the editor, meriting a first prize of 2/6d. and a second prize of 2/-d. There was no suggestion at the time that the writers were related to the editor.

from News Items:
  • the paper reported the demolition of the bridge at Shankill by CIE, noting that the explosion was heard as far away as Sallynoggin
  • farewell to Fr. Hughes and welcome to Fr. Enda Colleran
  • farewell to Chemist Ger Kirwan and welcome to his replacement Miss Byrne
  • welcome to the new Canadian ambassador, Mr. Alfred Rive
in Editors Note: the editor noted that the next issue would not be on sale till the end of the month owing to his absence on the continent.

Vol. 1 No. 4, [no date - likely September, 1958] , Price 2d..

from Editorial:
"Anybody wishing to insert an advertisement should send it to 34 Church Rd Ballybrack enclosing a postal order for 1/ - ."
This issue contains a report from the editor on the World Fair in Brussels.

from Letters to the Editor:

"Dear Sir,

While we are living in an age when the Department of Public Health is making all efforts to prevent the spread of infectious diseases through compulsory innoculation etc.! We wonder when the Dunlaoghaire Borough Council will do something to remove the unsanitary filthy nuisance that exists at the rear of Daleview Cottages, Ballybrack, which is occasioned by a sewerage [sic] bursting up and flowing over 100 yards down the roadway creating a filthy slim [sic] surface before it finds an outlet to a pasture-field which is grazed by "Dairy Cattle". It is hardly creditable [sic] that the Dunlaoghaire Borough Council would allow such a disgrace to exist at the rear of their property which is occupied by tenants with families of small children and as it has been a source of complaint over a number of years. Hoping that this will come to the notice of the authorities with a view to having it remedied.

'Gas Mask'"

[This letter won that month's prize of 2/6d.]

Vol. 1 No. 5, November, 1958 , Price 2d..

The paper was now stated in the masthead to be in aid of the Shanganagh Boys' Club.

The Editorial got carried away with the significance of the times:
"Since our last issue the Catholic Church has lost a great leader. The late Pope Pius XII was one of the most outstanding leaders of his time. He was the great Father of mankind. He was truly a Roman of Romans. He strived that a peace might be brought about between nations. "Go mbeidh a-anam mar realt gheal san speir siorrai."

Now a new leader has risen amongst us. On October 28th, the Cardinals in secret conclave elected Angelo Guiseppe Cardinal Roncalli to be Supreme Pontiff. He took the name John XXIII which has not been taken for 500 years or more. Let us also rejoice in the words "Annuncio Vobis Gaudium Magnum. Habemus Papam!" and echo the wishes of all Catholics in saying "Viva il Papa"."
from News in Brief:
"FILM SHOW:On the night of Wednesday, October 21st, a most inspiring film was shown in the Convent of the Holy Child, Killiney. The film dealt with the Conclave for the Election of Pius X. Although it was acted by actors and not the original it conveyed to the audience exactly how a Pope is elected and portrayed to a very great extent his reaction. This film was accompanied by a shorter film which portrayed the status of the Vatican City in to-day's world. The Sisters of the Holy Child deserve warm thanks for their generosity in showing these films."

"WEDDING: The wedding took place on 15th October in the Church of SS. Alphonsus and Columba, Ballybrack, of Mr. Nigel O'Flaherty and Miss Esme Doyle. A reception was held afterwards at Coundon House, Killiney. There were 250 guests present. "

"REVIEW IN DALKEY: In the ballroom of the Cliff Castle Hotel, Dalkey, last Wednesday night, Mr. Maxwell Sweeney reviewed some films and spoke about films in general. The second guest of honour was Signor Filippo Giudice, the Italian film producer who outlined his plan to make films pay. "Gone with the Wind", he said "has not yet been paid for". His plan entails making fewer films with better stories and keeping them for very long periods in the one cinema. He also said that two-thirds of the cinemas will have to close down or go bankrupt. He said he would like to produce a film in Ireland. Fr. Moloney, C.C., proposed a vote of thanks and was seconded by Mr. McCormack."

Vol. 1 No. 6, Christmas Number , Price 3d.

Note the price rise

from the Editorial:
"We are pleased to say that many new road signs have been erected in the vicinity of Ballybrack, all thanks to Bord Failte. We notice, however, that no signs warning the motorist that he is about to enter the village have been erected yet. Such signs may be seen on roads just outside Loughlinstown and Shankill.

Recently, two of Father Peyton's Rosary Films were shown in Ballybrack. these films were most inspiring and competently acted. But do we all know why Father Peyton made them? When he was studying for the priesthood, Father Peyton was taken ill, so ill in fact, that he could not complete his studies. He prayed to Our Lady and promised her he would do all in his power to promote the recitation of the Rosary. He was operated on and the miracle happened, and ever since he has been spreading devotion to Our Lady in the form of the recitation of the Rosary. In one of these pictures we saw the O'Brien family kneeling before the crib that is as it should be in every Catholic home in the country."
from News in Brief:
"ANGLERS: The Shanganagh Anglers are very busy even though it is the (close) season. They had a dance on Halloween which was very successful. they are now in a very satisfactory financial position and have their order placed with inland fisheries for the delivery of 2,000 Fingerlings next season. Those Fingerlings are from 6" to 8" in length and have been handfed, and are fishable, the following year. The Club have also cleared the river through "The Brides Glen" and have formed some great pools to hold salmon if necessary. On Wednesday at a concert in the Workman's Club there was a question time between a team from the Anglers versus the local Golfers. After a ding-dong both teams finished level. No questions were missed by either team. Willie Byrne was the compere. On Thursday, the Secretary and Chairman attended a meeting in Jury's Hotel where the new Dublin Anglers Council was formed. Ten Dublin Clubs, including the Shanganagh Club, make up this new council with the idea to help one and other with ideas, etc. etc."
Vol. 1 No. ?, February 1959 , Price 2d..

from Obituaries:
"Ta cara dilis caillte ag Eire i mbas Sean O hUaghaigh, a chaith a shaol ar son na hEireann, i lathair ag an socraid bhi an Taoiseach, Eamonn de Valera, Sean Lemas agus alan da comh-oibri i gcuis na hEireann."
The following poem is, I think, from P J Cousins [who was a friend of the Editor's father]:

The world has heard of Killarney, of Galway and old Doonaree,
Of the famous stone at Blarney, near "The Banks of my own Lovely Lee;"
But no matter where you may wander, from Malin Head down to Kinsale, There's not so nice a vista as Killiney and Shanganagh Vale.

When you stand on the Hill of Killiney, and behold this wonderous view,
All your cares, like the distant horizon, seem to vanish into the blue;
And the walks abounding the District, are a joy to the innermost soul,
For beholding this beautiful scenery, one feels they have reached their goal.

Each season brings it own kind of beauty, a colour scheme that will enthrall,
From Summer's full green foliage to the bronze gold tint of the Fall; And the moon on the Bay, from the Vico, with the little boats in full sail,
Leave everlasting memories of Killiney and Shanganagh Vale."
from Interview [this was a new feature, introduced in what appears to be the last issue of the paper]:
This month's interview was with Rev. Dr. C. Hurley, P.P., D.D. Dr. Hurley, only 2 years in the parish, hopes to have the new school in Shankill open for classes by the end of the year. When asked about the District, Dr. Hurley said that he liked it very much and that the people were most helpful in every way. He also made reference to the Annual Retreat in the Parish Church which will be given by Fr. Deering, O.D.C. and in St. Ann's, Shankill, by Fr Canice Ivory, O.D.C."

Typographical Notes:

I've kept misspellings and mispunctuation, along with what now appears as excess capitalisation, so as not to spoil the flavour, even though the temptation to correct them was overwhelming. Where mistakes appear so outlandish that you may think the transcriber was dozing, I have included the traditional "[sic]" to reassure the reader.

Direct quotes from the text in the newspaper are enclosed in quotes even where indentation makes it clear these are verbatim extracts. Please excuse the overkill.

As in the original, accents are absent from Irish language text, as they were not available on the manual typewriter which cut the original stencils.