The pages linked below arise out of a flying four day visit to Berlin. I had not been to Berlin before, other than going from one airport to another in a taxi in 1992, so I was looking forward to having a proper look at the city. It didn't disappoint and I hope I have succeeded in conveying some of my impressions in these pages.

Tempelhof Airport
I was only a toddler when the Berlin Airlift took place but I subsequently heard enough about it for it to count as part of my youth. That's why I put Tempelhof on my list of priorities to visit during my short stay.

Berlin Wall
The Wall only went up in the 1960s so I was aware of it over its whole lifespan. I was also involved in negotiations leading to the setting up of the EBRD just as the Wall was coming down and in this context I met some people who played a key role at the time. So a visit to what now remains of the Wall was a must.

Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie embodied the East/West tension of the cold war in its day and it was mirrored in Dublin's Smithfield during the shooting of The Spy Who came in from the Cold. Not to be missed.

Stasi Museum
The Stasi was the textbook example of total surveillance and the museum didn't disappoint. Lots of lessons for our own time.

Jewish Museum
I was advised not to miss this and I am glad I didn't. A marvellous example of how to do a museum and a very emotional experience to boot.

Our Lady's Church
My host pointed out a spooky element of this church but there was more to it than that.

Charlie Shop
Heavy handed Soviet style art extolling the fecundity of the East German régime.

There'd be a good PhD in the study of Berlin's graffiti. As its Germany I'm sure someone must have done it already.

Embassies of at least two of the former occupying powers appear to be circling the wagons against a day of reckoning.

I'm not sure if this is just a plain literal statement or a proprietor with a sense of humour.

3D Printing
There have been staggering advances in this technique over the last few years. I saw a few decorative examples.

These are items which are interesting in themselves but don't quite merit a separate page.

A big thanks to my host and hostess (above) for making the visit so enjoyable and to Nora for getting me there and back in one piece.