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The attached correspondence shows that I applied for the import permit on 1st February 1967, having successfully got one for Anne Biezanek's book two years previously.

The Minister for Justice (or the Department on his behalf) refused the permit and I then wrote to my local TD, David Andrews, to see if he could do anything for me. He agreed with my request for a permit and wrote to the Minister for Justice on my behalf. The Minister then granted the permit.

Little did I think at that time that I would end up working in the building from which the permit was issued. Not only that, but I would have a very different view of representations from TD's to Ministers, Parliamentary Questions and raising matters on the Adjournment when I got to be dealing with them from the inside.

David Andrews must have felt strongly enough about the matter to commit himself, in his initial reply to me, to these avenues of recourse should his initial representation fail.

I note also in retrospect, how expeditiously the matter was dealt with.

You can see the correspondence here as either photo reproductions or transcripts.

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