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Driving a Coach and Four

I got my first driving licence in 1961, without a test, and I wasn't even in the country at the time.

I had gone to Jersey to work for British Rail and the people I was staying with offered to teach me to drive if I had a licence. So, I wrote home to the Ma and asked her to get me a licence. She went into town to the licencing office, paid a pound, got the licence and sent it to me in Jersey.

With this I could, or should I say was allowed to, drive:
  1. motor bikes, with or without sidecar [Class A]
  2. tractors used in connection with agriculture and work vehicles [Class B]
  3. vehicles up to 2 tons unladen and having passenger accommodation for up to 8 persons [Class C]
  4. vehicles over 2 tons unladen, the drawing components of articulated vehicles and vehicles having passenger accommodation for more than 8 persons [Class D]
I could not drive vehicles carrying more than 8 people for hire or reward or those specially adapted for people with a disability.

Unfortunately, someone copped this along the way since 1987 and I am now limited to motorbikes up to 125cc [Class M), tractors or JCBs {class W], vehicles up to 3,500kg and with seats for 8 [Class B] and with trailer [Class E+B]. To regain my former glorious status I would need to do a test.

That's progress for you.

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