Presentation on Ballybrack
Dublin City Library and Archive
Local History Day
27 September 2008

The best way to view it is to right-click on this link and download the file to your computer for viewing with a Powerpoint viewer.

Otherwise you will miss some of the phasing of the presentation as the browser extensions do not recognise all, or in some cases even the simplest, of Powerpoint controls.

At present the file is very big (c.36 MB) . This is my first Powerpoint so I am feeling my way.

The presentation itself is a work in progress, though the substantive work itself was done in the early 1970s and hasn't been touched since. So much so that I am having to reread my own text carefully to find out what it was all about.

The three essays (Goodmans, the French, and the Nineteenth Century) were initially written in Irish for the Oireachtas local history competition.

The first two were subsequently published in FEASTA. An expanded version in english of the one on the military history of the Bay (1793-1815) was published in the Irish Sword (journal of the Military History Society of Ireland -- having been subtly edited by Prof. Hayes McCoy and under the editorship of Harman Murtagh) and the one on the development of Ballybrack in the nineteenth century, equally expanded and in english, was published in the Dublin Historical Record (journal of the Old Dublin Society -- then under the chairmanship of Michael Tutty Snr.).

I had also assembled these last two into illustrated lectures with slides and display panels, which form of presentation some of you may remember as being at the cutting edge of the technology of the day. The one on development was delivered to the Old Dublin Society and they were both variously presented at meetings of the Rathmichael, Dún Laoghaire and Blackrock Hisorical Societies.

The military one was also delivered to the local national school in Ballybrack, without the slides and panels but with a suitably enhanced gory script and lavishly and contemporaneously illustrated on the class blackboard, as befits a young and excitable audience. It went down a bomb. This was done on the day with about two hour's notice which I got while in work steering the affairs of State (thank you Donncha Ó Dúlaing).

The Presentation
The presentation is in Powerpoint and draws in online customised Google maps to illustrate various points. More detailed background material is available on this site, as set out below. The Google maps can also be accessed separately.

The short 2 page handout which was distributed at the presentation.

Expanded english language versions of the two essays which were published in the Irish Sword and DHR along with the note on Armstrong's Diaries which was also published in the Irish Sword.
Military history 1793-1815
Armstrong's Diary
Development in Nineteenth Century

Other of my web and blog pages
These are pages or posts of mine which are relevant to the present topic.

I edited and published a local newspaper in the area in 1958/9.
Shanganagh Valley News

Niall O'Donoghue recently launched his magnificently restored Martello Tower No.7 on Killiney Hill Road.

I have put up a separate page on the Loughlinstown camp.

And also a separate page showing each of the fortifications.

I paid a recent visit to the Decco's cave on Killiney beach, where I played as a child, to check it out. This was the entrance to a lead mine which operated around 1751.
Visit to the Decco's cave (outside)
Visit to the Decco's cave (inside)

Some photos (with commentary) which I took on a recent tour around the Ballybrack area.
Photo tour of Ballybrack

Other documents
Other background documents which were too detailed to be included in the presentation but which might be of interest in the context of follow up.

The text of Byron's two poems to the Duke.
Byron on Dorset

Killiney Parish, Select Vestry Report, 1907-8.

Report (6MB)

Google Maps
You may wish to check out separately the maps used in the presentation.

They are fully interactive and can be zoomed and moved around. Hovering over the control buttons will activate tooltips which describe their functions.

[Use the F11 key on the browser to toggle a full screen view]

Kilruddery Hunt
Defence of the Bay
Township & Notables

Customising Google maps requires some knowledge of Javascript, CSS and the Google maps Application Programming Interface (API). Some useful links are included below

Javascript tutorial.
Some basic API code snippets to start you off.
Slightly more advanced API tutorial.
Get point coordinates in decimal form.
Full reference guide to the API.

Kilruddery Hunt

You can hear either the full version (7MB) of the song, or the abbreviated version (2MB) used in the presentation. Clicking on the link should give you a choice of saving the mp3 to disc or listening to it on your default mp3 player.

Third party links

Other background documents which were too detailed to be included in the presentation but which might be of interest in the context of follow up.

-   Dúnlaoghaire & Rathdown County Council Website

    Latest proposal for Killiney Architectural Conservation Area

-   Wikipedia

    Wiki on Irish Martello Towers

-   Chapters of Dublin Website

    From Joyce's Neighbourhood of Dublin: Ballybrack
    DuBedats of Frankfort, Killiney

-   Books
Rob Goodbody's book is a good read both as an insight into the Domvilles and general property development in the area in the nineteenth century.
    Sir Charles Domvile and his Shankill estate, County Dublin, 1857-1871

-   Local Sites
The Foxrock Local History Club have reproduced their talks in a series of very interesting pamphlets. They are available at €3 each + postage. is the contact man.
    Foxrock Local History Club Publications
Eoin Bairéad has scanned in past editions of the Rathmichael Historical Record and these are available for downloading in pdf format. There is an interesting bibliography for the area in the 1984 RHR pp20-23.
    Rathmichael Historical Record 1973-2003

Later talks in DCLA

The Medlar's Gotcha
The Medlar Family

The Shoemaker's Daughters
The Family of Christopher Burgess

The Shoemaker's Daughters
The Family of Christopher Burgess

The Corsican Defence
Restoration of Martello Tower No.7 (Dublin South)

A Policeman's Lot The Dwyer Family

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