Jericho revisited


What, you may ask, is wrong with this poster? The answer is nothing.This candidate's sin is aural rather than visual. It may be that, having worked up a head of steam for the canvas, candidates are now faced with a surfeit of adrenalin on election day as they are no longer permitted to canvass outside the polling stations. This candidate came up with the perfect method of adrenalin dispersal on election day- a mega-decibel loudspeaker van whose volume rivalled Joshua's trumpets bringing down the Walls of Jericho. The candidate's pleas resonated through every cavity block on the estate. The sick, the infirm, the political atheist - all were subjected to these "good vibrations" irrespective of gender, class, colour or other distinguishing features. The net effect of this candidate's efforts to better the life of the nation was to deprive one very sick lady of vital hours of sleep and mess up my strategic voting strategy when I had to demote him to the bottom of my list of preferences. The Lord moves in strange ways.

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