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Departments come and go ..

When I joined the Civil Service in 1967 there was a department called Department of Industry and Commerce and it was many years later, when it amalgamated with the Department of Labour, that it became the Department of Enterprise and Employment, or in the Irish language version An Roinn Fiontar agus Fostaíochta. At that point I looked up the definition of "fiontar" in Dineen and got what you see below, leading me to fabricate a new version of the notepaper, the English language version of which should be pronounced with a strong Kerry accent for full effect.

There is never an end to the comings and goings, copulation and fragmentation of Government Departments and soon the trade mandate, which had been part of the earlier Department of Industry and Commerce and given rise to the semi State body "Córas Tráchtála", asserted itself in the title of the Department to give the "Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment", [the current title as of September 2005] and effectively spoiling my little joke title.

The Department adopted a new logo, which might suggest to some that the concept of partnership was being carried a little too far, but which in judicious combination can also connote another form of jeopardy.


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