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Griffiths Valuation

There have been a lot of advances in digitisation since I first posted the information below. You can now access the Griffiths Valuation online complete with table entries and maps here

The documents linked below are extracted from
an online index to the Griffiths Valuation,
on John Hayes's excellent site,
and are used here with his agreement.

I have extracted relevant names, and
sorted them by county, parish and townland.

The resulting tables (pdf) are referenced below
(with an indication of the number of pages involved).

All Ireland

Burgess (3)
Rankin (6)
Mortimer (1)
Dwyer (34)
Reilly (100)
Jordan (17)

Relevant Counties only

As some of the results are voluminous,
I have included a subset relating to
relevant counties only.

Rankin: Laois (1)
Dwyer: Limerick (11)
Reilly: Sligo (1)
Jordan: Sligo (1)

You can read up on the background to the valuation here.

Locations can be identified using the civil parish maps here.

You can see an example for Laois with Burgess and Rankin here.

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