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Strike Oil

An American, oil-drilling company was erecting new offshore platforms in total isolation. Their industrial psychologist was concerned about the effect this might have on the crew. It was therefore decided to test the reactions of three men.

An Englishmen, an American and the inevitable Irishman were selected and told to pick out their favourite leisure gear to help them cope with the next three months completely on their own in the middle of the ocean.

The American turned up with a suitcase, the Englishman with five huge plastic bags and the Irishman with only his hands in his pockets.

The industrial psychologist was, naturally, very curious. The American explained that he was taking his Linguaphone records and books to learn languages.

The Englishman said he had 5000 golf balls to improve his game.

Then they quizzed the Irishman who produced a packet of tampons from his pocket, reading aloud from the label: "With these you can go swimming, scuba diving, aerogliding, dancing and do aerobics."

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