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Party Time

A group of people were in group therapy for various emotional conditions.

The analyst, thinking they were making progress, announced that he was having a costume party at his home and invited the entire group to the party on the condition that they arrived dressed in a costume relating to an emotion.

On the appointed night, the door bell rang and he answered it. There was a gentleman dressed all in white, white coat, white top-hat, pants, gloves, etc. The analyst asked what emotion the patient was dressed as.

The patient answered, "I'm Placidity!"

"Very good!" said the analyst and allowed the patient entry.

The door bell rang again, he answered it and there was another patient dressed all in red. Red face make-up, clothes, shoes, etc. The analyst asked what emotion he was.

"I'm Rage!"

"Very good!" Said the analyst, "come on in and join us!"

The door bell rang again and he answered it. There, standing at the door, was the only black man of the group. He was totally naked, with an erection and a pear stuck on the end of his large cock!

The analyst asked, "OK, what emotion are you supposed to be?"


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