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Tower No. 7
Celebration 23 May 2009

No. 7 Tower was part of the defences of Killiney Bay against a possible French invasion in the period 1804 to 1815. The other towers and batteries have suffered a variety of fates, but this one was rescued and almost restored to its original glory and function by Niall O'Donoghue, who is thereby doing the State and the people of Ireland no small service.

The cannon on the tower was inaugurated on 12 July 2008, and was further celebrated on 23 May 2009.

What follows is a selection of photos from that celebration. I hope to add some videos when I get time to edit them.

They should be viewed in the context of the earlier page on the inauguration.


The Small Cannon

The Soldiers

The Tower Cannon


These are a very few videos from the day. They are in WMV format as this is the only one I can manage at the moment, so apologies to non-Windows users, pro tem.

A firing of the main cannon (450KB; 640x480px)
A misfiring of the main cannon (856KB; 160x120px)
Muskets firing through the loops (606KB; 640x480px
Musket volley through the loops (380KB; 640x480)

The Setting

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