Most of us are familiar with the game of Monopoly from our youth. There is now a new take on this in the form of the game Catholicopoly which is being marketed by repositories, online and otherwise.
"Catholic-opoly is a religious board game based on the Catholic faith. The goal of the game is not to accumulate wealth, but to build as many churches and cathedrals as possible in order to spread the Word of the Lord. Players will also learn scriptures and church history. In addition, the game addresses financial management as well as charity and tithing. Game tokens include an angel, ark, chalice, donkey, dove, and fish. The drawing cards are "Faith" and Community Service". Encounter comical situations such as, "You forgot to put the kneeling bench down and jammed your knee on the floor. Pay doctor's bill of $50". Catholic-opoly is perfect for people of all ages and is an enjoyable way to learn about the Catholic faith."
This game seems to be a little bit behind the times. The Catholic Church, in most places, is trying to distance itself from its triumphalist past which emphasised extravagant buildings such as cathedrals and large churches. The property speculation aspects of Monopoly might not be the most welcome aspect of the new game to the Church. In the spirit of aggiornamento, and in deference to Waddington's great original product, I offer a sampler of how parts of the game might look when some of the more traditional aspects of the Church are viewed from a modern perspective.