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60 Minute Shopping

Observed at Supervalu, Raheny, Dublin, on 23 May 2006

Another first from Supervalu. This time in the car park. Parking used to be limited to 3 hours to ensure a rotation of spaces and that people were not using it as a DART car park. However,the car park started filling up to the point where it was very difficult to get a space and you had to keep cruising round for up to 10 minutes. Occupancy and observance of the 3 hour limit was only sporadically checked by a guy who appeared on a bike about twice a day.

So, some genius has come up with the idea of limiting your stay to 1 hour. This is a complex which houses a bank, a chemist, a post office, a supermarket and a restaurant. Now, you'd really have to be getting ultra efficient service to pack all that into one hour.

And we know all about that! But they are taking themselves seriously as you can see below, and they appear to have a full time resident checker of the 1 hour observance..

It would have been more sensible to enforce the 3 hour limit properly.

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