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Observed at Supervalu Carpark, Raheny, on 9 April 2006

On the face of it, this ad is kosher. It makes an outrageous claim, footnotes the spurious statistical source to the "Department of Completely Ficticious (sic) Statistics" and, if that were not enough, stamps it "ZERO TRUTH".

However, at a subliminal level, all the passerby will register is the "73%" with a positive connotation and the "ZERO" in the context of sugar and carbs.

Thus, while it can be shown to be clever, amusing, and literally truthful, the actual overall impact is completely misleading.

Update: 1June 2006

I was back in the car park today after a gap and I noticed someone less restrained than myself had a go at the poster, which is now virtually unreadable.

I will keep an eye out for any more direct action by the Raheny Resistance!

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