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Hand in the Till

Observed at the AIB, Raheny, Dublin, on 6 June 2007.

19 July 2010

I came on the same site today and found a real hole in the wall. What the hell? One of the workmen explained:

" Two guys on a moped just ripped out the machine and scarpered with it. Have you seen them?"

"Jaysus", thought I. "You'd never be up to these guys. Ripped it out and scarpered, what?"

Laughter all round. Idiot me.

They were just replacing the machine with a more up-to-date version. Whatever that means. No doubt, more expensive and with "enhanced functionality", even if that only meant flashing lights. And we, the customers of AIB, are paying the bill. Would have paid them more to do something about the invisible screen due to it facing south into the sun. Impossible to see what you are doing. Intuitive banking? Part of the problem.

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