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Wrights & Wrongs
observed 28 March 2010,
Killester, Dublin

We have all heard the expression "the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing".

Well, in the case of this van from Wrights' fish business in Howth, the side didn't know what the front was doing.

And the front didn't know Wrigth from Wrong.


Update - Job OXO

Mind you, I wrote to Wrights pointing out the error, but didn't even get the courtesy of a reply. However, they quietly corrected the error.

And there was me waiting for a case of scampi to be pushed through the letterbox. A long way from the time the Da used to come back from the pier with a bucket of fish. We were only runners then. Wrights have been at this since 1893.

Clearly the Ma was right.

Upward and Onward

A lot done and some more to do.

I remember the time you had to wait years for a phone line. When I saw this van I wondered if the national internet backbone had deteriorated to the extent that we will soon be waiting a mountain of milliseconds for an email address. I am reassured that the phones are in order. Perhaps the local TD could petition Eircom to do the Wright thing in this case.

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