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I had Google-Whack explained to me recently.

It is when a search term is put into Goolgle and only one result is found.

Patrick Burgess put in his Granny's name on the offchance there might be something on the web and he found my Family History Section and only that.

Is this a GoogleWhack or what?

Beats S&M anyday!

If there is any question about the validity of the above as a whack because there are effectively 4 results, then try the one below. I put in "Patrick J Medlar" to see if I could get any further details on my grand uncle who had been an Alderman in Dublin city in the 1930s and found that I seem to be the only one to know anything about him, at least online.

And the one below has nothing to do with me at all. Some guy/gal in Bruges went looking for the Kiltimagh sculpture.

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