College of Europe
The College of Europe is one of those European institutions which grew out of the post-war period of national reconciliation and the "Federal Europe" stream of thought. At its foundation in 1949 it was seen as a first step towards the setting up of a European university. It is is now one of a number of European institutes within the Union.

The College is located in Brugge, Belgium. Before the linguistic revolution in Flanders this town was known by its French name, Bruges. [There is now a second campus in Natolin, Warsaw, Poland]

I attended the College during the academic year 1967/8 (Promotion Comenius), following an M.A. in European Studies in UCD. The year was a great personal and academic experience.

Some years later I was prevailed upon by Ned Thomas to do a piece on the College for PLANET. Ned had just started this magazine to fill a gap in the Welsh literary and journalistic landscape. Its aim was to present Welsh Wales to non Welsh-speakers and it branched quite wide in its consideration of related matters. It is still alive and kicking.

While setting up this current page, I thought I would add a few further personal recollections from the year.

I have now also scanned in a photo which includes most Comenians.

I have also scanned in copies of the two issues of KOMENJOYNUS which appeared at the beginning of the first term.

Shortly after my return from Bruges, I did a piece for the Irish Times on the town. This was wrongly attributed to Kathleen Molloy, the paper's tourism editor, but I got a private apology from them afterwards.

I returned to Bruges in 2008 for the 40th reunion of Comenians. While there I did a small feature on those parts of the town I saw on that trip.

More recently I was searching for photos of Rudolf Regul on the internet and not finding any I did a blog post on him using mine and (mainly) André Meulemans photos.

Finally, I have included some Brugge photos from 1967/8 in my photogallery.

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