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The Shanganagh Valley News was produced monthly between June 1958 and February 1959, serving the Ballybrack/Shankill area of south Dublin.

It consisted of a stencilled 2-4 pages with articles, opinions, letters, competitions and paid advertisements. It had a run of around 50 copies and was read both locally and abroad, as copies were sent by locals to family members overseas.

The editor/manager was 14 year old Paul O'Dwyer (Pól Ó Duibhir) and the paper was produced in Broadstone by Miss Murray under the direction of Luke O'Dwyer. Sara O'Dwyer was the principal advisor to the editor on content. The paper was briefly mentioned in the national press at the time.

It started out costing 1d. but quickly rose to 2d. and the Christmas (bumper) edition went as high as 3d. (These prices wouldn't register on a Eurograph but each 1d. was approximately the price of a Woodbine cigarette at the time.)

The paper had a number of, subsequently distinguished, contributors including Alan Dukes (former Minister for Finance and leader of the Fine Gael party) and Barry Murphy (former Commissioner and head of OPW).
You can see a copy of the first edition here.

You can see some snippets from other editions here.
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