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Family Certificates

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Birth certs:
Margaret Reilly, 1865 [H]
Margaret Burgess, 1867 [H]
Patrick Mortimer, 1870 [H]
William Mortimer, 1870 [H]
John Mortimer, 1872 [H]
Sarah Burgess (m. Mortimer), 1874 [Bapt] [H]
John Burgess, 1876 [H]
Elizabeth (Lil) Burgess, 1884 [H]
Tess Burgess, 1886 [H]
Joe Mortimer, 1902[H]
Luke Dwyer, 1903[H]
May Mortimer, 1905[H]
Sarah Esther Mortimer, 1906[H]
Patrick Francis Mortimer, 1908[H]

Death certs:
William Thomas Mortimer, 1865 [H]
John Mortimer, 1873 [H]
Joseph Mortimer, 1875 [H]
Mary Anne Mortimer (née Coneely), 1900 [H]
William Mortimer, 1902 [H]
Bridget Reilly, 1904 [H]
Sarah Burgess (née Rankin), 1906 [H]
Luke Reilly, 1910 [H]
Patrick Mortimer, 1918 [H]
Bridget Fleming, 1918 [H]
Mary (May) Mortimer, 1921 [H]
Julia Fleming, 1923 [H]
Christopher Burgess, 1928 [H]
Tess Medlar, 1934 [H]
Michael Dwyer, 1941 [H]
Margaret Burgess, 1948 [H]
Kate Burgess, 1948 [H]
John Burgess, 1953 [H]
Margaret Dwyer, 1954 [H]
Luke Dwyer, 1964 [H]
Sarah Esther Mortimer, 1987 [H]
Marriage certs:
Joseph Mortimer/Mary Anne Conneelly, 1861[Church only]
Luke Reilly/Bridget Jordan, 1864 [H]
Chris Burgess/Sarah Rankin, 1866 [H]
Thomas O'Brien/Kate Condron, 1876 [H]
John Medlar/Ellen Brennan, 1884
Michael Dwyer/Margaret Reilly, 1888 [H]
Edward Crosby/Jane Reilly, 1888 [H]
Patrick Mortimer/Sarah Burgess, 1901 [H]
Christopher Burgess/Mary Kate O'Brien, 1904 [H]
Nicholas P Fleming/Bridget Burgess, 1906 [H]
John Burgess/Tess Fitzsimons, 1909 [H]
Andy Duffy/Elizabeth Burgess, 1918[H]
Paddy Medlar/Tess Burgess, 1911[H]
Nicholas P Fleming/Julia Burgess, 1921[H]
Nicholas P Fleming/Julia Kenny, 1925[H]
Luke O'Dwyer/Sara Mortimer, 1942[H]