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That   Banana

Once upon a time, in the grand ole USA there was a bus conductor who was not satisfied with his lot.

He was very unhappy in his work, considering it menial and below his true ability, and he took this unhappiness out on his passengers.

One day an infirm old lady was taking what he considered too much time to get into the bus and he ran out of patience.

He grabbed her by the hair, threw her to the floor and kicked her to death.

He was duly arrested, tried, found guilty of murder and sentenced to death in the electric chair.

Come the day when he is strapped into the chair and asked if he has any last words or requests.

"I'd like a banana" says he.

This is duly provided and he says "Now peel it, and stick it in my ear".

The prison authorities thought, enough was enough and were relectant to go along with this charade, but a dying man is a dying man and so they complied.

Eventually, the switch was thrown, and there was much fizzling and flashing and banging, and when all that had subsided after the prison fusebox burned out the victim was still sitting serenely in the chair with the only sign of damage being a slight discoloration of the banana.

In the circumstances, the prisoner was released, but it was not long before he was back in the execution chamber, having beaten an elderly male passenger to death with his ticket machine.

Once more the request for the banana and once more the fireworks display, which this time not only blew the prison fuse but deprived the adjoining neighbourhood of power for the following 24 hours.

Once more the prisoner was released, but was soon back in the chair, for having punched to death a passenger who insisted on boarding the bus despite being told it was already full.

Once more the banana routine and the fireworks and half the State in darkness as the fuses popped all over the place.

And still the guy was just sitting there, calm as a cucumber with a banana in its ear.

Eventually the State Governor arrived to inspect this unusual human being, and admitted that the State was now in a quandry.

He was clearly a repeat offender and a danger to all around him, but as he had suffered three unsuccessful attempts to execute him the law stated that he was now a free man and immune from any further attempts by the authorities to end his life.

The Governor was intriqued by all that had happened and could not restrain his curiosity.

He said to him "look, we can't try to execute you again, so you've nothing to lose by telling us, how did you do it? I know it has to have something to do with the banana, but, for the life of me I can't figure it out?"

" Well" said the prisoner, now a free man," it has actually nothing to do with the banana, its just because

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