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(more of a doodle)

The Unicorns are in control
on foot of UK's national poll.

The people's will must now prevail
no matter what it may entail.

The Empire now must be exhumed
despite it being long entombed.

Its entrails carefully inspected
Now that it is resurrected.

According to the Book of Rome
Withdrawal precedes the Kingdom's come

The Kingdom can't ejaculate
until it withdraws from its mate.

Coitus interruptus will
Avoid a much more costly spill.

The Kingdom then may reinsert
its thingy neath another skirt,

Or two or three or four or five
or twenty, just to stay alive.

Now Theresa may, or she may not,
attempt to trade with what she's got.

Despite all this, I'm only sayin'
she'd have done better to re-May-in.

[ I have amended the orthography of the rhyme in the final couplet on the advice of my good friend Vivion Mulcahy. The change, apart from its verbal and political subtlety, may bring your pronounciation into line with my native original.

To be updated]

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