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Next Time

Way back before the Good Friday Agreement there was this Chinese RUC man on night traffic duty on a country road where policing mostly consisted of a B-Special behind a bush.

It was very dark and the road was unlit.

The Chinese RUC man was justifiably nervous and a bit on edge.

Suddenly a car appeared coming towards him. It only had one good headlight and the Chinese RUC man waved it down.

The car stopped and the occupant rolled down the window.

"Where you from?" asked the Chinese RUC man of the driver.

"I am coming from Delhi" replied replied the Indian driver.

"Out of car" shouted the Chinese RUC man.

As soon as the bewildered Indian man was out of the car, the Chinese RUC man swung his truncheon, knocked the Indian man to the ground and kicked him to within an inch of his life.

"Next time" said the Chinese RUC man "you say LONDONDELLY"

Happily we now have the PSNI, the Specials are a thing of the past and Gerry Adams's two teddies are still virgins.


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