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Slide Show
I put up a page way back which simply explained a bit of the background and then linked to a slide show of my full set of photos of the Pillar and also to a 2006 commemorative calendar which I created at that time.

How high was Nelson?
I had originally thought that only the viewing platform and the statue itself were blown away. Then I realised that it was more than that and recently a contrived video of the explosion, which showed it half way up the column, provoked me into doing an overlay which confirms that the explosion was about two thirds the way up the column.

What Nelson Saw
Some shots from the top of the Pillar not long before the Admiral's fall.

Fashion accessory
Shortly after the fall, Nelson's head took part in a fashion shoot on Killiney Beach

A very close Call
Possible loss of life avoided by the incompetence of the bomber.

I reflected on how the Admiral might look today, in all his finery but with his head showing signs of a hard life and a sudden death. Incidentally, the head can be inspected in the Dublin City Library and Archive (above Pearse St. public library).

The Book
I did a blog post on the book, which can be purchased online directly from the publisher or from Amazon and is available in most good bookshops.

The History Show
The book was featured on the RTÉ Radio 1 History Show.

CHTM! and The Pillar
Donal Fallon, who wrote de buke, runs a Dublin oriented blog, along with two other history graduates, which delves into aspects of the city's past, present and future. The blog has many posts relating to The Pillar.

The Book reviewed
I also reviewed the book on Amazon. A little cheeky, perhaps.

And it got a very good review in History Ireland in which I got a mention myself. (PDF
72dpi 100KB    300dpi 900KB)

The booklaunch
I launched the book in Hodges Figgis

Agallamh ar Raidió na Life
Mé féin ag caint le Cian MacCarthaigh.

Interview on NearFM
Me talking to Conor Doyle.

Hedge School on Nelson
Roundup seminar in National Library of Ireland

Urban Myth - Part I
What the Irish Army didn't do.

Urban Myth - Part II
What the Irish Army didn't do.

Urban Myth - Part III
What the Irish Army didn't do.