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Investiture 1969
Some sounds

I have commented on the 1969 Investiture in this blog post, where I have also linked to the Prince's Gracious Reply to The Loyal Address.

This page is simply to bring you some more of the sounds from that occasion. In the main, I have only digitised most of the speech elements, though I have included some music from the religious service. The quality is mediocre as I haven't quite managed to match up my record player and computer and I'm too lazy to go up to the attic again and get out my sound mixer. Maybe another day.

I am starting with the Letters Patent which are read out (i) in English by James Callaghan then Home Secretary in the UK Cabinet, and (ii) in Welsh by George Thomas, Secretary of State for Wales. I am assuming the language order here is because Callaghan would outrank Thomas.

A Loyal Address from the People of Wales is read by Sir Ben Bowen Thomas, President of UCW, Aberyswyth. He reads it first in Welsh and then in English.

The Prince then delivers The Gracious Reply to the Loyal Address, first in Welsh and then in English.

I have included two versions of an extract from the Religious Service. My main reason for including the service at all is that the first hymn is introduced by Cynan and the second by Gwyndaf. However the full quota of hymn singing, in a refined manner, might be deemed exessive by some so I have compromised. The top extract has all the verses and the bottom one has just the first verse (+ amen) of each of the two hymns sung. O! Anfon Di yr Ysbrid Glân (calling on the Holy Ghost to come and join in the fun) and Cofian gwlad , Benllywydd tirion (calling down the Lord's blessings on Wales).

As an added bonus, you can see above how the investiture looked from Ballybrack, Co. Dublin, courtesy of Harlech Television and a wee thingie on the roof.
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