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Nóra at the 2001 Eisteddfod

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2001 Eisteddfod in Denbigh.
plus partial update for 2002
plus partial update for 2003
plus partial update for 2004
plus update for 2005
plus partial update for 2007

Eisteddfod 2001 i gCOMHAR

Investiture 1969

Blog post
and some further sounds

"Atgofion Hen Ddysgwr"
in Rhwng Ffrindiau 2002

Fcuk Wales
British Tourist Authority at it best.

Review of Dillwyn Miles's book
"Secrets of the Bards
of the Isle of Britain"

The Welshman who died twice
Hedd Wyn's plaques in Trawsfynydd.

Lock up your women
Merched y Wawr.

Go to jail
A different lock-up entirely.

David Lloyd George
A Caernarfon celebration

Redundant Bilingualism
Overdoing the translation

Out of the Question
Enduring typo

Surveillance in Caernarfon

The Gullible Dragon
Sober thoughts atop the War Memorial in Caernarfon

Mermaid alert!
Easy and slow in Y Felinheli

Reflections on a Welsh graveyard.

RIP    (fersiwn Gymraeg)
Death of Howell Evans.

Carolau Nadolig (RnaG)
Radio Programme on Welsh Carols

Creoso Chwedeg Nain
The 1969 Investiture - sounds

Pól & Nóra sing version from
Hywel Morris and Joan Phillips

A cautionery tale on the importance of grammar.


Reprints from early 70s

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